What is the State Of The Old Republic Podcast?

The State Of The Old Republic (SOTOR) is a podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest news, events, and information on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Who are the show’s hosts?

Currently, there is only one host for the show and that’s me – Ted. I’ve been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic since it launched in 2011.

You can follow me on Twitter and if you happen to be a fan of World of Warcraft you can check out my WoW blog, The Brew Hall and my other podcast, The Hunting Party Podcast.

How often will the show be published?

SOTOR is a weekly podcast, with new episodes published every Tuesday.

Will the show be broadcast live?

No, the show will not be broadcast live. It will be pre-recorded.

What is the show’s format?

Since I’m the only host, the show will be kept to 30 minutes or less. There will be a section on announcements, followed by the news of the week. After the news, there will be a segment on my in-game exploits and crazy projects.

If listeners have sent in any questions, Ted will carve out time to do Q&A.

Where can I find the show?

Episodes will be posted to a variety of places including,

How can I contact the show?

If you have questions or comments for the show you can e-mail them to sotorpodcast@gmail DOT com or you can send a tweet to @sotorpodcast.