A Lightsaber for Every Occasion

When the Outfit Designer was announced for Game Update 3.2 the SWTOR community broke out the fireworks and celebrated like Ewoks after the Battle Endor. When it was learned that the Outfit Designer did not apply to weapons, that exuberance fizzled out like the engines on the Millennium Falcon attempting to jump to lightspeed.

It’s time to celebrate once again because according to Charles Boyd, The SWTOR development team is looking to play the role of R2-D2 and launch the Outfit Designer into hyperspace later this year.

Quality of life features are a priority this year and I can’t think of a better one than this. I love matching weapons with outfits, but don’t often do it because of the hassle involved in pulling out the mods and enhancements. I like to transfer weapons between different characters so I use legacy weapons most of the time. Ironically this change encourages the use of legacy weapons in the same way that it’s beneficial to use legacy armor.

This is a monumental change. If you’ve been eyeing specific weapons, get them now before those Hutt loving GTN barons gouge the prices. Same with crystals.

Think about it. You can have whatever stats you need in your “equipped” weapon with whatever color you want for your outfit. Most players have legacy crystals with every stat, and even if you don’t there are cheap options out there. The idea of buying a color crystal based on its stats is about to come to a spectacular end like Boba Fett rocketing into the mouth of the Sarlacc.

It’s not all good news though. It won’t be long before you regale your friends with tales of that time you stepped into a Warzone, drew your blasters, and pew-pew turned into ewww-ewww because you didn’t have an actual weapon equipped.

There is no ETA on when we might see this, but it can’t come soon enough.