Episode 59: United Forces, 8v8 Ranked, and a New Trilogy

This week I review the United Forces Campaign. I look at what’s the same and what’s different, and who are the early winners and losers.

Now that the servers have merged is time for 8v8 ranked PvP to return?

Rian Johnson is working on a new Star Wars Trilogy. Could he be taking us to the Old Republic?

Show Links

  • Xam Xam (aka @Rach_Games) is the latest addition to BioWare’s Influencer Program. Be sure to check out Xam Xam Says for great commentary and news about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Swotorista is celebrating reaching 20K subscribers on youtube. Be sure to check out her contests and in-game events.

Episode 58 was originally recorded on November 6, 2017.

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