Episode 64: The Sparkly Eyes Have It

This week Game Update 5.6.1 went live. I talk about the Yavin IV Warzone, and changes to the Copero Flashpoint.

Star Wars: The Old Republic turned six. I tell you about the gifts both new and old that you can get. Also, Life Day celebrations have begun. It’s time to break out the Hoth Parkas because you can’t walk two feet without getting pelted with snow.

Finally this week, I give you my spoiler-free thoughts on The Last Jedi. ‘Nuff said.

Episode 64 was originally recorded on December 18, 2017.

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One Comment on “Episode 64: The Sparkly Eyes Have It”

  1. Hey Ted. Love the podcast. I want to get your thoughts on Rey’s Parents. Or lack of I guess. I remember JJ Abrams saying he couldn’t use Rey or Finn’s last names because it would be “spoilery.” I know Johnson is not Abrams but I can’t help but feel a bit misled. “The Last Jedi” is an awesome movie and Rey’s parents aren’t going to change that for me. Maybe episode 9 still has more on Rey’s and Finn’s heritage. What do you think?

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