Living the Life Aquatic on Manaan

Break out your scuba gear and get ready to do a giant stride into the deep blue waters of Manaan because we’re about to live the life aquatic from our new stronghold.

The folks at posted a video in the SWTOR subreddit and it looks like the rumors of a Manaan stronghold are true.

Nothing about the stronghold is final. Rooms, hooks, and costs are all works in progress and subject to change. Here are the preliminary details.

  • The stronghold will be part of Game Update 5.3.
  • The stronghold will cost 2.5 million credits. Remember it’s better to use coins than credits to purchase the stronghold.
  • There is an upper floor you can unlock for 975K credits.
  • There is an underwater observatory you can unlock for 2M credits.
  • There are north and south deepwater sanctuaries you can unlock for 1.45M each. The sanctuaries have floor-to-ceiling windows for wondrous ocean views.

When Bioware announced they were adding a new stronghold in 2015 I prayed to the Force that it would be Manaan. They gave us Yavin IV instead, and I loved it. That ancient jungle temple is my sanctuary and I will remember it with great fondness as I relocate to Manaan.

Manaan is a beautiful world. It’s pristine streets, ocean vistas, and floating cities are the perfect environment to relax after a day of mayhem. I just wish I could truly feel the cool ocean breeze as it gently wafts across the golden sun deck as I gaze out into the horizon wondering if I’ll ever get that last piece of 248 to drop from a crate.

If it weren’t for the Selkath, Manaan would be perfect. They don’t like outsiders, and I don’t like them. Their muffled vocalizations make we want to puncture my eardrums with a sharp stick. Fortunately, they won’t be part of the stronghold.

The video is a preview with a capital “P”. It’s preliminary and lacks polish. It’s still good enough that is has me excited and singing Manaan, Manaan Doot-Doot-Do-Do-Do.