PSA – Character Transfers Ending on Oct. 24th

If you’ve been thinking about transferring a character to another server, now is the time. On October 24th character transfers will be turned off, and they will not be turned on until after United Forces goes live.

When they do return they won’t be at 90 CC sale price. A new price has not been announced, but it won’t be as high as the non-sale price of 1000 CC.

So why would you want to transfer a character? Several reasons come to mind. Maybe you just want to consolidate all of your characters in one place.

Perhaps you’re an East Coast player who went to Harbinger because it had a high population, and now want to get back on a server in the East Coast time zone.

The stronghold cap is now ten, yet there are only seven strongholds in the game. If you were to transfer a character from Shadowlands to Jedi Covenant it will allow you to unlock your strongholds there and then have them all available to you when those servers are merged with United Forces.

Whatever the reason, you only have a few days left to transfer your characters.