The State Of The Old Republic Podcast

Hey everyone, and welcome to the State Of The Old Republic (SOTOR) Podcast site! My name is Ted, and I am the host and creator of this podcast. So what exactly is SOTOR?

SOTOR is a weekly podcast about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since I am the only host my goal is to keep the show length to 30 minutes or less. In that half-hour, I’ll cover news, announcements, what I’ve been doing in-game, and I’ll have a featured topic of the week. I’ll also do a Q&A session if you guys decide to send me questions that you’d like answered.

The podcast is audio only, and it is not a live show. If things go well, I may entertain bringing on another host, but for now, you’re stuck with just me. SOTOR is published to a variety of places. Below you will find links to where you can find the podcast and how to get in touch with me if you have a question for the show.

Thanks for visiting, thanks for listening, and I do you hope that you enjoy the State Of The Old Republic (SOTOR) Podcast!