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Starting today, Star Wars: The Old Republic is running a “Share the Love” promotion. It’s an opportunity for new and old players to get back into the game and get some cool rewards along the way. As always, it’s important to read the fine-print to understand what it all means for you. Let’s get started.

Here is the current promotion, I’ll get to the in-game rewards at the end.

And here is that fine-print I was telling you about.

Okay, what this means is if you’re a Premium Player (aka – Subscriber) who has maintained an active subscription you’re getting the Chiss Talon Interceptor Air Speeder and the Force Veteran’s Armor set. You cannot get the 30-days of game time by entering the code SHARETHELOVE. That only applies to players whose accounts have been inactive from November 15, 2017 (or earlier) through February 13, 2018. Did you get the hankering to come back and play SWTOR and resubscribe on February 12th?

I’m… so… sorry.

Now all that stuff about referrals and Invite A Friend isn’t new to this promotion. That exists all the time and is a nice way to get back into the game. Every Premium player gets a link they can share out that others can use to sign-up for the game.

Here’s mine –

And if you’re looking for reasons to love Star Wars: The Old Republic, check out the lasted episode of my podcast Episode 68: Why I Love SWTOR And So Should You.

Oh, and about those rewards you’ll get if you’re subscribed by Feburary 27th? The Chiss Talon Interceptor and the Force Veterans Armor are the rewards from the recent NVIDIA contest. You know, the one that nobody who actually plays SWTOR won? Kudos to BioWare for finding a way to get those into our hands.

Chiss Talon Interceptor

The Force Veterans Armor Set

Share the love and see you in the Old Republic!

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