The Roadmap is Coming Soon™

Hey everyone! Mid-February is upon us which means the next Producer’s Roadmap should be coming Very Soon™. Since it’s not here yet, I thought now would be the perfect time to speculate on what might be in it.

We know from the Autumn Roadmap that there are some items that they teased as coming in 2018. Game Update 5.7 is out and none of these features were included in that update which means we can expect to see them in upcoming Roadmap.

Still lingering from the Autumn Roadmap are,

  • The conclusion to this chapter of the story is coming where the Traitor reveals his true plan once and for all via a new Flashpoint
  • The final bosses and details about Master Mode for Gods from the Machine Operation
  • An upgraded Conquest system and new Daily Activity system with great rewards
  • More multiplayer gameplay experiences for both PvP and PvE

We know from the livestream held on January 25th that 2018 is going to be the year of returning companions. Charles Boyd said he’d like to bring back all of them, and that many of the missing are set to return. Some will be part of the main story and available to everyone, while others will return to their original crews.

We also know that an Arcann romance is in the works, but that might not happen until some of the previously romance-able companions return first. They want to give us the chance to settle old affairs before starting new ones, and I guess once you romance Arcann there’s no going back. At least until you let out an “Oh Thexan!” whilst in the throes of passion.

I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Conquest and daily activities. Note, these are systems which means they’ll utilize existing content. A daily activity system does not imply a new daily area.

And then there is the conclusion to the Theron storyline. They teased that we’ll be returning to a planet that we wouldn’t expect. My bet is on Nathema, but who knows? We know whatever the planet, the story will be told via another flashpoint.

Izax, the final boss from Gods From the Machine, and Master mode for the entire Operation will certainly be mentioned in the Roadmap. I hope they’re able to release the entire Master mode operation all at once. Given that Izax is still pending they may wait a few months to give us Master mode so that Ops teams have a chance to tackle Veteran mode first.

Getting details on the knowns is essential, but it’s the unknowns that are more intriguing here. Keith all but assured us that another expansion is coming, but I wouldn’t expect an official announcement until much later this year. After, all this is just the first Roadmap for 2018. There will be more.

I predict that this Roadmap will provide details for Game Updates 5.8 and 5.9. I also believe that we’ll get another Stronghold. I’d love for it to be on Copero. Weapons in the Outfit Designer is high on my wish list. I think we’ll see that this year, but not part of this Roadmap. We just got a new Warzone, so getting another one right now is probably too much to ask.

Honestly, my expectations for this upcoming Roadmap are low. It’s not that it won’t be filled with information that gets me excited, I just feel like we have a pretty good handle on what’s going to be in it.

But, as Eric Musco said in a recent forum post, “we try not to scoop details from the Roadmap too much”, so maybe this Roadmap still has a few surprises left in it.

All will be revealed Soon™.

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